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Orthopedic news

star nixon louisville pediatric orthopedic surgeon

Meet Dr. Star Nixon, Norton Children’s newest pediatric orthopedic surgeon

Star L. Nixon, M.D., MPH, is the newest addition at Norton Children’s Orthopedics of Louisville. As a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, she is available to treat a wide variety of bone and joint conditions that affect children and teenagers. From a young age, Dr. Nixon knew she wanted to do something to help people. She had […] Read More »

child backpack

Is your child’s backpack too heavy?

As the school year kicks off with that new backpack full of school supplies, now is the time to do a safety check on your child’s back. “Many students carry too much weight on their backs, opting to skip their lockers between classes and stuff all their books in their backpack,” said Joshua Meier, M.D., […] Read More »


Don’t let children on trampolines

To jump or not? Trampolines are popular fixtures in backyards, and trampoline parks are trending in cities across the U.S. But pediatric orthopedic surgeons warn against them. “We see an increasing number of injuries from kids jumping on trampolines,” said Star Nixon, M.D., Norton Children’s Orthopedics of Louisville. “Most people think that the injuries are […] Read More »

cool kids

A kid’s eye view of the COOL Kids Tri

Wonder what it’s like to take part in a kids’ triathlon? Here’s what kids and parents have to say. Cool Kids Triathlon June 10 • Mary T. Meagher Aquatic Center • Louisville, Kentucky Spots are limited Register today Read More »

cool kids triathlon

Why a triathlon is good for your child

The COOL Kids Triathlon is coming up on June 10 and for parents who may be concerned that a triathlon is too grueling for youngsters, we’ve got some answers. The distances aren’t nearly those that adults run, bike and swim. There are three age groups for kids: 6 to 8, 9 to 11 and 12 […] Read More »

running with kids

Starting a running program with your kids

Our kids argue about everything we ask them to do. But earlier this month, when my wife and I asked if they wanted to go to the local high school track, they were in the car before we had even changed clothes. We went with a plan to run and they went to have fun, […] Read More »

preparing to prevent pitching injuries

Pitching injuries could be prevented with these tips

Being a sport parent is tough. You want the best for your kid. You want to push them (gently) when they need it but also want them to have fun during their athletic endeavors. And you certainly want to help them avoid pitching injuries and ailments. Recently, Ryan J. Krupp, M.D., orthopedic and sports medicine specialist with Norton […] Read More »

Sad girl with a cast

How to care for your kid’s cast without going insane

What do Corvettes and broken arms have in common? Those slick cars and that fancy new cast your child is wearing are likely made out of the same fiberglass. Pretty cool, huh? Maybe, but that’s little or no consolation if you’re now dealing with an unhappy child whose life has been altered for the next […] Read More »

Growing Pains

When you awaken to those middle-of-the-night moans and groans from your growing kid, it’s not necessarily a reason to rush to the emergency department. Nor should it be dismissed as an attempt to skip school the next day. You might chalk it up as an episode of growing pains. There’s long been debate about the […] Read More »

Calcium: Superhero for your child’s bones

Bones are the framework of a child’s growing body. Bone is living tissue that is always changing, with bits of old bone being replaced with new bone. During childhood and the teenage years, much more bone is made than replaced. Because up to 90 percent of peak bone mass is reached by age 18 in […] Read More »

To ice or not to ice?

You’re at the ballpark watching your son’s game when suddenly he’s hit in the shoulder by a hurtling line drive. He doubles over in pain. Then the star base stealer skids into second, resulting in several cuts on his arm and an abrasion on his side. The coach pulls them from the game and applies […] Read More »

Has your child athlete had enough?

In a world of travel ball and year-round practices, the pressure on young athletes is higher than ever. While consistent development can help a child hone their skills, it also can lead to overuse injuries, a danger that can ruin your kid’s season, or worse, future in sports. Equally as damaging is the risk for […] Read More »