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The pediatric orthopedic specialists with Norton Children’s Orthopedics of Louisville (COOL), affiliated with the UofL School of Medicine, are the foremost providers of lordosis care for children in Louisville, Kentucky, and Southern Indiana.

What Is Lordosis?

Lordosis is a type of spinal curve in which the normal inward curve of the lower back is excessive, causing the buttocks to be more prominent and giving a child a “swayback” appearance.

A spine affected by lordosis shows a curvature of the back bones in the lower back, which can be seen from the side.

Lordosis Causes

Lordosis can be linked to achondroplasia and spondylolisthesis. It also can be associated with poor posture, a vertebral issue that was present at birth, neuromuscular issues, back surgery or a hip or pelvis issue.

Lordosis Symptoms

Children may experience symptoms differently. Some symptoms include:

  • Prominent buttocks
  • Back pain
  • Pain going down the legs

Lordosis Treatment

Treatment plans for lordosis will be unique based on a child’s age, cause of the condition and current extent of the condition. The pediatric orthopedic specialists with COOL will work with the child to stop the progression of the curve and minimize any complications.

Exercises can help if associated with poor posture, but if the lordosis is caused by a hip issue, the hip will need to be treated as well.

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