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neurology patient stories

Avery Richardson spina bifida

Monthly spina bifida clinic coordinates care

Avery Richardson turned 3 in December, but the Shelbyville, Kentucky, girl has already been through more than most kids. Avery has undergone six operations, including two in the days immediately after her birth. Avery has spina bifida, a birth defect that causes the structure enclosing the spinal cord to fail to form properly in the […] Read More »


Radiothon | Megan Francke’s ‘stupid’ brain tumor

When Megan Francke was in first grade, she often would go to her parents’ room at night crying about her stomach. Her mother took her to see her pediatrician, Andrew Donovan, M.D. (Megan calls him “Dr. Donut”), who after several visits said, “Let’s rule out the scary stuff.” He scheduled Megan for an MRI. A […] Read More »

1 mom, 1 teen and 1 scary migraine

I’m a mom living with a teen who gets migraines. I knld safety,ow I’m not alone, and I know there are other moms out there who wish there were something they could do to ease their child’s pain. My son, Scott, doesn’t get run-of-the-mill migraines (if there is such a thing). He gets horribly debilitating, […] Read More »

Andrew’s life-changing surgery

Hattie Haller of Louisville, Kentucky, wants to raise awareness about a condition called tethered spinal cord syndrome that can cause developmental delays and other symptoms in children. She is sharing the story of her 5-year-old son, Andrew, so that other parents can be aware of the signs to look for in their own children. According […] Read More »

Boy battles rare brain disorder

It’s often inspiring to meet parents who have done just about everything they could for a child with a rare and complicated health condition. Geneva and Mike Barone are such parents. Their 15-year-old son, Noah, has a condition that has left a slew of doctors with years of expertise scratching their heads. Since 2006, Noah, […] Read More »