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Youth football research shows children at even greater risk for concussion

Youth football players represent 70 percent of all players in the United States. Yet, many studies have focused on measuring head impact in high school, college and professional athletes. Few studies on direct hits in youth football have emerged until now. A study published in Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics in October shows youth football players […] Read More »

child migraine

Migraines in kids: Help your child through the pain

If you’ve ever had a migraine, you’d probably agree you wouldn’t wish one on anyone, much less a child. However, migraines happen to kids too, but you can learn how to recognize them and help your child through the pain. “About 5 percent of all children experience migraine and this increases to 10 percent during […] Read More »

Dr. Puri on career, family & no regrets

I have been in Louisville for 21 years as a child neurologist. I ended up in Louisville because Dr. Sole, who was also a child neurologist, was two years my senior at St. Louis Children’s and came here to practice.  During my last year I can remember going to our administrative department in St. Louis […] Read More »

Avoid a pain in the brain

Big or small. Child or grownup. Vanilla or chocolate. It doesn’t discriminate, and it hits faster than a jab from Muhammad Ali — it’s brain freeze. That ice cream-induced headache can quickly bring an otherwise happy child to tears and take the fun out of enjoying a cold treat on a hot day. What causes […] Read More »

Concussions: Fact vs. fiction

With many high school athletes back on the field for the fall sports season, the dreaded c-word is weighing on the minds of coaches, parents and doctors: concussions. Our physicians at Norton Healthcare continue to discover new ways to study, prevent and treat concussions. Still, even with this evolving knowledge, there are many myths about […] Read More »

Things that go bump on the head

Could it be a concussion? Back in the day, when you fell and bumped your head, you got up and got back to it. Today, doctors know much more about what a blow to the head actually does to the brain — and why it should be taken seriously. According to Tad Seifert, M.D., concussion […] Read More »

When you suspect your child has autism

A diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is an overwhelming reality for as many as one in every 68 families. According to the National Autism Association, autism spectrum disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by social and cognitive impairments, communication difficulties and repetitive behaviors. The disorder can range from very mild to very severe. Signs […] Read More »

Are all football helmets created equal?

It’s almost impossible to read a newspaper or magazine or watch news or sports on TV without seeing a report about contact sports and concussions. Players in many sports are susceptible to concussions, and doctors who treat concussions say that girls and women may suffer as many, if not more, concussions as males. But far […] Read More »

Could it be a concussion?

Every year in the United States, millions of sports players suffer concussions during play. In fact, for athletes ages 15 to 24, sports injuries are the second leading cause of acquired brain injury, behind only motor vehicle accidents. Football season is just around corner, and these players suffer the most brain injuries of any sport. […] Read More »

Valproate and autism

Valproate, a medication typically used to control epilepsy, is now being linked to autism. A study published in the “Journal of the American Medical Association” says that when women take valproate during pregnancy, their children are at risk of developing autism or autism spectrum disorders. Researchers say that although the risk is not high, even […] Read More »