ChopChop Cooking Club

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Family mealtime has benefits for both the mind and the body. Having regular family meals helps foster family connection and boost your children’s self-image, motivation, school engagement, values and communication.

Norton Children’s Prevention & Wellness sponsors the ChopChop family cooking magazine. Discover new recipes and cooking tips to help engage big and little cooks in the kitchen!

ChopChop Cooking Club

Families are invited to participate in the free ChopChop Cooking Club! It’s a great way to make wise food choices, learn to cook and spend quality time together.

Each month, a delicious new recipe will appear in your inbox. All ChopChop members will be making the same recipe and learning different essential cooking skills along the way. Each recipe is great for the beginner cook, and ChopChop will be there to help every step of the way with tips, advice, food facts and activities.

How it works

Complete recipe challenges and upload a photo of each meal to your ChopChop profile to receive a virtual badge. Badges will celebrate the different cooking skills learned in each recipe, such as whisking, roasting, mixing, measuring and grating.

We’ll issue new challenges at the start of each month. If you master the original recipe and want an additional challenge, we’ll give you variations and more difficult recipes to test your kitchen skills!

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