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Safe Kids ‘Walk This Way’ Pedestrian Safety Video Contest


Middle and high school students

Registration deadline: Sept. 15
Video submission deadline: Oct. 13
Judging: Oct. 16 to 20
Winner to be announced: Oct. 24

Register your class today to participate in the Safe Kids Louisville “Walk This Way” pedestrian safety video contest. Lead or challenge a group of students to create a 60-second-or-less entertaining video highlighting the importance of walking undistracted. Additional guiding topics and instructions will be provided to those who register to participate. The classroom teacher whose video is selected will receive a $100 gift card from Amazon.  The student participant(s) will receive a $200 gift card from Amazon. The gift card will be equally divided among the winning registered students.


Last year the Safe Kids Louisville coalition, led by Norton Children’s Hospital, participated in a national study on distracted pedestrians. Four Jefferson County public schools were participants in the study. The results showed that 1 in 8 middle school students and 1 in 5 high school students walk distracted by phones or ear buds. Teens often are unaware of their surroundings and imminent danger because of distractions. Teen pedestrian injuries, unlike any other age group, have gone up 35 percent over the past several years.  Safe Kids Louisville is committed to educating students on pedestrian safety practices to help reduce injuries.

How to participate

Register your class below. We will send you details about the contest, submission instructions and judging criteria via the email address provided.

Pedestrian safety video contest

  • (If a submitted video is chosen as the winner, the $200 Amazon gift card will be split evenly among the participating students. A teacher may submit multiple videos —- one video per student group.)