Time for sports physicals

School may have just ended for the summer, but there’s something you shouldn’t leave until the new school year begins — a pre-participation sports physical.  Your student athlete won’t be allowed to play in sports games this fall without one.

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Sports physicals aren’t meant to be a headache, but potentially a lifesaver. In the U.S., one young competitive athlete dies suddenly every three days from an unrecognized heart disorder. In many cases, the underlying condition could have been identified by a pre-sports medical exam.

“It’s important for all children, but especially athletes, to get a yearly checkup,” said James Tavelli, M.D., pediatrician with Norton Children’s Medical Associates – Okolona. “It’s important to provide an accurate health history for a child, including family health history. It can help your provider decide if extra tests are needed to screen for certain conditions that could put your child at risk on the field or court.”

Student athletes need to get a sports physical every year. The easiest way to get one checked off your list is to contact your pediatrician. Sports physicals can be done at a well-child visit at no extra charge.

A sports physical includes a health history questionnaire and a check of vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, temperature and respiration.

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