Nurse practitioner’s career has been dedicated to caring for children

From oncology to urology, Ann Muth, APRN, loves the resiliency she sees in her small patients

A Louisville native, Ann Muth knows the River City just about as well as she knows pediatric urology. She grew up here and attended Mercy Academy before earning a degree in biology from Bellarmine University. She went on to attend Spalding University in order to begin her career as a nurse practitioner. After graduating from Bellarmine, she began to take care of her mother who was dealing with sickness. In hindsight, Muth believes that caring for her mother helped her realize that she wanted to find a job where she could help others.

Starting off at Norton Children’s Hospital, Muth has worked in many different environments and has received a great amount of experience collaborating with a variety of doctors. She spent 7 years in oncology, and then10 years in the operating room. Muth knew she wanted to focus on a specific field and became interested in pediatric urology when an opportunity in a practice presented itself. She quickly fell in love with caring for children.

“Kids are resilient,” she said. “They also say the funniest things.”

Norton Children’s Urology

Children deserve pediatric urology care with proven expertise — and a children’s urologist with exceptional caring.

Love of patients

Her passion is being able to see kids with stigmatizing issues, such as bed-wetting, come back to see her with their issues resolved.

Spina bifida has been an important focus for Muth for 14 years. The birth defect is characterized by improper development of the spinal cord; it affects the way the bladder works.

“Spina bifida used to be a death sentence because kids couldn’t empty their bladders,” she said. The introduction of catheters meant that babies with spina bifida could overcome the disease.”

Urology is a vital component of spina bifida treatment, and Muth loves helping her patients get on a healthy path.

Heavy lifting isn’t how Muth describes her day-to-day duties. It’s actually a hobby of hers. She enjoys Olympic weightlifting in her free time, focusing on lifts such as the clean and jerk, snatch and power clean. She’s even participated in several powerlifting competitions, deadlifting over 300 pounds! Muth also enjoys traveling in her off time. She’s vacationed in Puerto Rico and is currently looking forward to a trip to the Baltic Sea.

Muth’s one health tip is to maintain a healthy body weight. Many health issues are a direct result of poor weight management, so it’s very important to eat well and exercise.

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