Norton Children’s Hospital begins renovations

During the next three years, Norton Children?s Hospital will undergo major renovation to expand and improve the pediatric services provided to more than 150,000 children who visit the hospital each year. The renovations will focus on improving the comfort of our patients and visitors as well as the overall aesthetics and functionality of the building.

Phase 1 of the renovations includes an expansion of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to include mostly private rooms and improved family space. The transition to private rooms will create a more controlled environment to allow for specialized care that fits the needs of our smallest patients. It also will allow for more family space around each patient and in common areas.

In addition, a new trauma elevator will be added to reach all floors of the hospital, allowing for the quick transfer of our most critical patients and the equipment and staff needed to care for them. Finally, a connected entrance to the hospital from the parking garage will provide seamless entry and navigation while offering patients and families a warm welcome.

While these changes are being made, the focus of Norton Children?s Hospital will remain on patients and their families.

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