Making Memories in a Difficult Situation

Scrapbooking class offers a support system for families at Norton Children's Hospital.

For parents and guardians of children in the “Just for Kids” Critical Care Center and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Norton Children’s Hospital, life is anything but normal. The children in these units are recovering from accidents, serious surgeries and illnesses, or even just struggling to survive after being born very early. But these parents and guardians are able to experience a little bit of normal with a weekly scrapbooking class held by the hospital’s expressive art therapist.

At Norton Children’s Hospital, the care provided is not just for the patient. It’s for the entire family – whether it’s including the parents and guardians in the child’s care or providing support for the family. This scrapbooking class has become a support system for families but also brings a little normal back to life. It’s a chance for families to connect over recording the story of the child’s hospitalization.

And for the child, the scrapbook helps explain what has happened and can aid in the recovery process.


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