Your kids want your time

This Valentine’s Day, why not give them the gift of undivided attention?

Save your money on the candy and cute cards. This Valentine’s Day, put down the devices, turn off the TV and spend quality, undistracted time with your child. Chances are, your child is craving it.

Here are seven easy ways to give your child the gift of your undivided attention. We promise you both will end the day feeling more loved than if you exchanged candy and cards.

Put down the device. Get off social media. Stop checking email. Put all devices away, where you can’t hear or see notifications. These are distractions, and your child deserves you being present.

Turn off the TV. Even if you are watching a show together, looking at the TV is another distraction from being present and actively spending time with your child.

Create something together. Work on a page in a coloring book together, create a homemade Valentine for a friend or relative, or bake a batch of cookies from scratch. The point is, share an experience. 

Get active. Take a walk, do 15 minutes of stretching or put on some music and dance together. 

Write a love letter to each other. Not the same as a valentine, which tends to be cute or clever. This one is from the bottom of your hearts. Share what you mean to each other. 

Go on a date. If you have one child or can make arrangements to spend time with one child at a time, make it a date. Go somewhere special — just the two of you. Think go-kart racing, an ice cream shop, museum or park. 

Hug! Yep, hug it out. We’re talking a big bear hug given with love. And end it with a sincere, “I love you.”

Whatever you do, spending quality, undistracted time with your child will build memories that last longer than a box of candy — and it will strengthen your bond with your child.

P.S. These tips also work well with your spouse or significant other!

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