Kids become measuring masters in the kitchen

ChopChop Cooking Club helps kids master measuring ingredients and have fun cooking

After taking a break for the holidays, the Wiedmars have returned to the kitchen to earn our third ChopChop Cooking Club badge: Measuring Master. Dinners have been more enjoyable during these three weeks as Walker and I prepare healthy meals following ChopChop recipes, and he’s learning early that healthy cooking is both easy and fun.

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Becoming a Measuring Master

After earning our first two badges, Walker and I were ready to become Measuring Masters, mixing up salad and vinaigrette. After just two weeks of the ChopChop Cooking Club, Walker is already getting more comfortable in the kitchen hopping into his kitchen position when it’s time to get cooking.

“I’ll help you make it, mama!” It’s music to my ears!

When it comes to being a Measuring Master, at just 2 years old, Walker proved to be more of a pouring pro. When mixing the vinaigrette, I would measure out the ingredients, talking aloud about what I was doing, and then he would pour the ingredients together — surprisingly mostly mess-free! We are more of a Caesar and ranch salad family, so the actual taste of the more tart vinaigrette left him with a puckered look on his face but, nevertheless, we once again had a great time in the kitchen.

As a nutritionist, I know the importance of eating fresh produce daily but understand it’s difficult to please everyone in the house. That’s where salads become an easy solution to getting the daily dose of greens. I suggest keeping several toppings and dressings in the fridge at all times. Serve the base (mixed greens, spinach or romaine) and have everyone toss together their own at each meal.

Stay tuned for a recap of our experience as we earn the remaining ChopChop cooking badges!