Which holiday plants are really poisonous?

We’ve made the list; you may want to check it twice

Raise your hand if you have a poinsettia by the fireplace, a Christmas tree in your living room or mistletoe hanging from a doorway. Now, keep your hand up if you know which of these are poisonous and which aren’t.

My hand is already down.

We’ve all heard that popular holiday plants can be poisonous, especially to children, but which ones are the most toxic? And which plants commonly thought of as poisonous aren’t that dangerous to your health?

Take a look at the list to reveal the truth:

Should you be in doubt whether a plant is safe, or if you have any questions, call the Kentucky Poison Control Center at (800) 222-1222. The center provides 24/7 free access to specially trained nurses, pharmacists and physicians who are certified in toxicology. All calls are confidential.