First pediatric surgery performed at new St. Matthews Pediatric Surgery Center

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Feb. 11, 2013) ? A new chapter in pediatric care for our community began this morning. Michael Brown, M.D., otolaryngologist, performed the first surgery at the new Pediatric Surgery Center at Norton Suburban Hospital, future home of Norton Women’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital in St. Matthews.

The center is staffed by pediatric surgical and anesthesiology teams, pediatric nurses and child life therapists who provide that special kind of care that is ?Just for Kids.? The center has four operating rooms and 19 beds for pre- and postoperative care. It can accommodate a wide variety of surgical procedures, including ear, nose and throat; orthopaedics; urology; and general surgery.

Donor support for the center came through the Children?s Hospital Foundation from Hwang?s Martial Arts and Greathouse Shryock Traditional Elementary School?s annual Kids for Kids fundraising activities. Special thanks to all of those involved in making this venture a reality.

If your child requires outpatient surgery, talk to your child?s surgeon about having it performed at the new Pediatric Surgery Center.

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