Finding the right pediatrician

12 questions to ask when choosing a pediatrician for your child

As if becoming a new parent wasn’t challenging in and of itself, it comes with a host of decisions to be made prior to baby’s arrival. From choosing the safest car seat or crib to the perfect baby name, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the things that need to be selected for you baby.

Choosing the right pediatrician for your family is a decision best made before the birth of your baby. Because a new baby typically will have a first checkup with a pediatrician during his or her first week, selecting one prior to delivery will eliminate a lot of stress in an already stressful first week at home.

You want to be sure you are comfortable with and trust the physician who will be a major source of information, advice and medical support for your child for the next 17+ years.

To help guide you through your decision, Norton Children’s Medical Group has provided a list of top questions to ask when choosing a pediatrician:

  • How close is the pediatrician’s office to my home, work or daycare?
  • What are the office hours, and are there weekend hours?
  • How are questions handled during business hours? How about after business hours?
  • Does the office offer same-day appointments if my child is sick?
  • Is the pediatrician board certified by The American Board of Pediatrics?
  • What is the pediatrician’s philosophy on important topics such as vaccinations, co-sleeping and breastfeeding?
  • Does the office have additional providers, such as physician assistants or nurse practitioners?
  • Does the office use an electronic medical records system, such as MyChart?
  • If my child needs to see a specialist, how is that physician selected and the referral handled?
  • What types of tests can be performed in the office — throat cultures, blood tests, X-rays, etc. — and which have to be done elsewhere?
  • How are billing and insurance claims handled?
  • Am I able to meet with the pediatrician and tour of the office prior to my delivery?