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teen boy puberty

Boys to men: What to expect when boys go through puberty

Boys go through a lot of changes when they reach puberty. (You can thank testosterone!) Boy Talk: Boys to Men This free parent-son class led by a pediatric urologist is designed to start the discussion about physical and emotional changes associated with puberty. It also will cover the importance of sleep, good nutrition and exercise […] Read More »

Avery Richardson spina bifida

Monthly spina bifida clinic coordinates care

Avery Richardson turned 3 in December, but the Shelbyville, Kentucky, girl has already been through more than most kids. Avery has undergone six operations, including two in the days immediately after her birth. Avery has spina bifida, a birth defect that causes the structure enclosing the spinal cord to fail to form properly in the […] Read More »


Nurse practitioner’s career has been dedicated to caring for children

A Louisville native, Ann Muth knows the River City just about as well as she knows pediatric urology. She grew up here and attended Mercy Academy before earning a degree in biology from Bellarmine University. She went on to attend Spalding University in order to begin her career as a nurse practitioner. After graduating from […] Read More »

dennis peppas urologist

Urologist Dr. Peppas on the Army, John Wayne and cooking

In his own words, Dennis Peppas, M.D., pediatric urologist, Norton Children’s Urology, started in health care to get back at his pediatrician. And it turned into a passion that took him around the country. Dr. Peppas joined the Army and learned many of the skills he uses today. We asked him a little bit about […] Read More »

Puberty talk teens parents

Puberty: Having ‘the talk’ with your children

Moms and dads with children nearing puberty know exactly what you mean if you ask, “So have you had the talk yet?” Erin Berkley-Sizemore, APRN, spoke this week with WHAS11’s Rachel Platt about when puberty starts for girls and boys, and good ways to communicate with children about everything from body changes to truth vs. […] Read More »

Power Foods – Frozen Yogurt Pops

Eating yogurt and other cultured dairy products (fermented with “good” bacteria) regularly may decrease the risk for urinary tract infections by up to 80 percent. When selecting yogurt for your child, it is important to look for a statement on the packaging that says “contains live and active cultures.” Yogurt contains good bacteria, active cultures […] Read More »

Power Foods – Berry Smoothie

Cranberries, blueberries, raspberries, oh my! Berries promote urinary tract health and provide protection against infection with an important compound that helps fight bacteria and keeps it from sticking to the lining of the urinary tract. Recipe: • 1 Cup low-fat vanilla yogurt • 1/2 cup strawberries • 1/2 cup raspberries • 1/3 cup skim milk […] Read More »

How much fiber is enough for your child?

The word “fiber” may make you think of prunes and senior citizens, but the truth is most kids don’t get enough of this important nutrient that helps keep their plumbing moving. I’ve known many kids, including my own, who have had issues with constipation. My kids are somewhat light and picky eaters. Add to that […] Read More »

Power Foods – Infused Water

Drinking plenty of water is one of the best things for your child’s urinary and digestive systems. Drinking enough water — about 40 to 60 ounces per day for children ages 4 to 12 — helps flush bacteria from the urinary tract, which prevents infection and helps the digestive tract function regularly. Sprucing up your […] Read More »

5 power foods for better urinary health

A child’s urinary system isn’t something you think of often, but it plays an important role in filtering and eliminating waste products from the body. A balanced diet filled with key power foods can have a big impact on keeping the body healthy. Our specialists at Norton Children’s Hospital Urology Specialists recommend five power foods […] Read More »

Talking to your kids about sexual health

Growing up in today’s world is a lot different than when I was younger. The Internet is an infinite universe of “anything goes.” It is no wonder boys and girls are being exposed to sexual behaviors much earlier than even a couple of decades ago. It is important to initiate conversations about puberty and sex […] Read More »

Doctor seizes opportunity to help children

Deciding on a career path is not an easy task for most, however for Eran Rosenberg, M.D., he always knew he wanted to be in the medical field helping people, especially children. “Treating children is the most rewarding feeling,” said Dr. Rosenberg, pediatric urologist with a new practice, Norton Children’s Hospital Urology Specialists, funded through the Children’s […] Read More »