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Norton Children’s Maternal-Fetal Medicine stories

congenital heart campbell kremer

Congenital heart defects can’t slow down this boy

This article was originally featured in the spring 2013 issue of Cart Wheels magazine. When Missy Kremer was five months pregnant, she had a routine ultrasound to check her baby’s development. What she and her husband, Rob, were told stopped them cold. Their baby had a possible birth defect. “We cried and prayed a lot,” […] Read More »

Ni’Eshia Andrews

When babies need care before birth

With a baby on the way, Ni’Eshia Andrews and her family were overjoyed. The family planned to welcome a baby girl, joining her big brother in summer 2017. Everything was going as planned until they hit a bump in the road. During a 28-week fetal ultrasound, Andrews’ obstetrician discovered she had too much amniotic fluid […] Read More »

hydrops fetalis

Facing the slimmest of odds at birth, boy celebrates first birthday

Benjamin Burdette and his family will celebrate his first birthday on Friday, June 23. A stranger attending the celebration for the happy, healthy boy would notice nothing unusual — nothing that would give away the fact that this day is more than a birthday. It is a miracle. Amy Burdette had what she thought was […] Read More »

Doctor, “miracle baby” form special bond

An approaching birth is normally a joyful event, but for Jodie and James Campbell of Louisville it was fraught with anxiety. In 2013, their unborn child had become severely anemic from a viral infection, parvovirus, Jodie had developed. At 24 weeks of pregnancy, the child’s survival depended entirely on a timely blood transfusion into the […] Read More »

3 unexpected blessings

Looking ahead to their daughter’s third birthday in April 2016, last summer Jenna and Brian Richie began thinking about a second baby. A little brother for Madelynn would be nice, they thought. Little did they know their spunky, red-headed toddler would soon have three sisters. On Feb. 17, 2016, the Richies welcomed the arrival of […] Read More »