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Norton Children’s Heart stories

Jacintas and Lisa NICU nurse friendship

Former Norton Children’s Hospital NICU nurse and patient’s family share 30-year friendship

I’ve been proud to call Norton Healthcare my employer for 36 years. While I work in human resources now, I got my start as a staff nurse at Norton Children’s Hospital. I met so many special kids and families as a nurse. There are too many to count, but there is one I still think […] Read More »

two kids find friendship in search for hearts

Two kids searching for new hearts find a special bond

He had struggled from the beginning. Dale Howser, now 11, was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS), a serious defect that prevents the left side of the heart from developing or functioning properly. HLHS is a complicated diagnosis that often requires multiple surgeries, multiple medications and, in Dale’s case, a pacemaker. Like many of […] Read More »

tetralogy fallot

What is tetralogy of Fallot?

Late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel used his opening monologue Monday night to give an emotional account of how his newborn son was diagnosed with tetralogy of Fallot. Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) is a congenital heart condition marked by four defects: a hole in the heart; the aorta lying over the hole; an obstruction from the heart to […] Read More »

dance big red

Dance Big Red raises more than $66K for care at Norton Children’s

Dance Big Red raised $66,553.91 for pediatric heart and cancer care at Norton Children’s Hospital with nearly 700 Western Kentucky University students participating in the 12-hour student-led fundraising event. “The outcome is overwhelming for the third year.  Our hearts are overflowing with so much joy,” stated Molly Ann Lessig, Dance Big Red Co-Chair. “The event […] Read More »

tetralogy of fallot

Saving the coach’s daughter

This time of year Reinaldo Ruiz is typically focused on America’s pastime. The manager of the Bowling Green Hot Rods, a minor league affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays, is preparing his team for another long baseball season. But this year Ruiz has something else on his mind: his daughter Renata. When Renata Ruiz was […] Read More »

brave hearts

Facing surgery, family wants to give back

Shortly after he was born, Evan Karr was diagnosed with tetralogy of Fallot, a congenital heart defect that occurs in around five of every 10,000 babies born. It’s one of the most common heart defects and is actually four defects in one, involving a hole between the chambers of the heart, a narrowing of the […] Read More »

Baby Calvin

Remembering Baby Calvin

In 1986, Robbie Cardin became Norton Children’s and Kentucky’s first heart transplant patient. As you can imagine, his plight was covered by the media. Robbie was referred to as “Baby Calvin” to protect his family’s privacy. Robbie was born by cesarean section at Hardin Memorial Hospital in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Doctors knew right away something was […] Read More »

Kinley's Helping Hands

Norton Children’s patient gives back

At just 13 years old, Mekinley Elrod has already traveled down a long medical road. Her journey began when she was 3 days old. Diagnosed with panhypopituitarism (no pituitary gland), she spent 2½ months at Norton Children’s Hospital, where she endured numerous surgeries, including heart surgery to repair a valve. She still spends a lot of time […] Read More »

Norton Children's heart care has been vital to the Johnson family

Three of four Johnson children needed Norton Children’s heart care

Bess is the only child of Todd and Lee Margaret Johnson born without a heart condition. Todd and Lee have more nights and days than they can count at Norton Children’s Hospital — overnights on top of day trips from their Bardstown home for their children’s chest X-rays, lab work, outpatient cardiac catheterizations, surgeries and more. […] Read More »

Successful heart surgery fixed a hole in young Wells' heart

Heart surgery gives a boy his bounce back

Vibrant and bouncing, Wells Whitaker is a ball of energy. The 2-year-old bundle of long golden curls and bright laughter seems to have an endless supply of energy. His parents, Leslee and Matt, remember just months before, Wells was a very different toddler. “He has two older siblings,” Matt said. “He would try to keep […] Read More »

A nurse in Norton Children's PICU treats a patient

Godmother of the PICU

The year was 1972, but Joanie Strotman still remembers her first patient like it was yesterday. The little boy in her care was seizing and fading fast. The boy’s father became overwhelmed and passed out. Half his size, Strotman managed to catch the dad before he hit the floor. “What on earth have I gotten […] Read More »

A vintage photo of a child being treated at what is now Norton Children's Hospital

125 years of memories – what’s yours?

On March 27, 1890, the most destructive tornado in Kentucky’s history tore through downtown Louisville, causing widespread destruction and leaving hundreds dead and injured. Among the casualties were some of Louisville’s tiniest residents — its children. At the time, there was no central place within the city where these children could receive specialized care. In […] Read More »