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Patient stories – Norton Children’s stories

Norton Children's Hospital celebrating 125 years

Stories of service: Kentucky’s first infant heart transplant patient

Did you know that Norton Children’s Hospital was the nation’s second site to complete an infant heart transplant … or that the hospital was founded on the heels of the deadliest tornado in Louisville’s history? You can learn about the hospital’s 125-year history by visiting “Hope and Healing: Celebrating 125 Years of Norton Children’s Hospital” […] Read More »

Avery Richardson spina bifida

Monthly spina bifida clinic coordinates care

Avery Richardson turned 3 in December, but the Shelbyville, Kentucky, girl has already been through more than most kids. Avery has undergone six operations, including two in the days immediately after her birth. Avery has spina bifida, a birth defect that causes the structure enclosing the spinal cord to fail to form properly in the […] Read More »

NICU Felicia Gross

After NICU experience, mom becomes Norton employee

Felicia Gross didn’t set out to work for Norton Healthcare. She already had a career as a chef and was working hard to take care of her family. Little did she know that a life-or-death experience would change that path and provide an opportunity to help others during their toughest moments. When Gross was pregnant […] Read More »


Radiothon | Megan Francke’s ‘stupid’ brain tumor

When Megan Francke was in first grade, she often would go to her parents’ room at night crying about her stomach. Her mother took her to see her pediatrician, Andrew Donovan, M.D. (Megan calls him “Dr. Donut”), who after several visits said, “Let’s rule out the scary stuff.” He scheduled Megan for an MRI. A […] Read More »

Jerren Harrison

Radiothon: This boy’s mom had to turn a crank each day to force his legs to grow

At just 6 weeks old, Jerren Harrison contracted bacterial meningitis. He was treated and seemed to be doing well — except for what doctors couldn’t see. The infection had crept into the growth plates in his leg bones. When he was 2 years old, his legs stopped growing. Without radical treatment, he would grow to […] Read More »

NICU patient Liam Thomas

Meet Liam Thomas, a NICU miracle baby

Liam Thomas is just beginning to walk. His legs are a little wobbly, so when he’s on the move, he reaches out for sturdy objects to help keep his balance. He has a curious mind — a sponge to soak up all kinds of new information, like how to say “dada” and call for his […] Read More »

Logan Collins

‘How do you tell a 3-year-old they have cancer?’

No parent is prepared to hear their child has cancer. Josh Collins opens up about his experience after receiving the toughest news. The silence was deafening as the early summer day wound down. Finally, all three boys had been put to bed, allowing my wife and I the opportunity to put our feet up and […] Read More »


Doctor Ashok Raj fights cancer with humor

If you were to meet Ashok Raj, M.D., on the street, you would likely see a quiet and soft-spoken guy. But when you get him around his patients, it’s a very different story. “Dr. Raj is awesome,” said Matthew Walker, 14, who was diagnosed with leukemia at age 12 and received treatment at Norton Children’s […] Read More »

Tracy Ely norton children's

Cancer survivor’s family gives back to Norton Children’s Hospital

Hundreds of glass figurines glimmer under the light at one Kentucky State Fair booth, but one person shines brighter than all the sparkle. Her name is Tracy Ely. “We were told by someone she would never read,” said Tracy’s mother, Sharon Ely. Today, at 38 years old, one of Tracy’s many passions is reading. As […] Read More »

Scott Morrison pediatrician transition

When your child is too old for a pediatrician

I looked up names of songs about saying goodbye. “Someone Like You” by Adele, “Hello, Goodbye” by the Beatles, “Don’t You Forget About Me” by the Simple Minds. This is exactly how I felt recently when my son, Scott, had to move on from our pediatrician of 18 years. I remember my husband and I […] Read More »


What it’s like to be a kid with a ‘stupid tumor’

Sleep had never come easy to me. I went to bed happy and tired. My parents tucked me in and I closed my eyes. But nothing happened. I could not sleep. I felt yucky. I did not know why. There was no explanation. Until one day there was. When I was in the first grade, […] Read More »

Cerebral palsy no match for this soccer phenom

It is a hot July day in Bardstown, Kentucky, and Carter Alvey is working up a sweat on the Bethlehem High School soccer field. Of course, Carter, a senior goalie, has always had to work harder than his teammates. Carter was born with cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder that primarily affects body movement and muscle […] Read More »