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Patient stories – Norton Children’s stories

arterial switch transposition of the great vessels

After arterial switch heart operation, the baby is a man on the move

Logan Carroll is a young man on the move. A junior at Western Kentucky University, Carroll spent last summer biking 3,600 miles across the United States to raise money for Alzheimer’s research with his fraternity, Phi Gamma Delta. He also enjoys distance running, camping, hiking and, of course, hanging out with friends. Carroll sounds like […] Read More »

TJ Branham cancer

The cancer journey from a sibling’s perspective

Living with cancer at any age is difficult, but experiencing cancer as a teen is especially difficult when you’re trying to be “normal.” T.J. Branham’s sister, Kayla, opens up about her teen brother’s diagnosis and his incredible strength throughout his cancer journey. I remember so clearly getting the call from him almost in tears saying […] Read More »

heartbeat stuffed animal

Sound of girl’s heartbeat put into stuffed animals for her family

When most people see Emily and Ethan Byler holding their stuffed animals, they don’t think anything of it. But if you stop and listen, there’s something special about Emily’s bear, Jessie, and Ethan’s dog, Gracie. Inside those furry frames is their baby sister Eva’s delicate heartbeat. Emily, 5, and Ethan, 4, dreamed of the day […] Read More »


‘He thought his goals had been taken from him’

A child’s cancer diagnosis impacts the whole family. Below, Jacob Fields’ mom, Amanda, reflects on the weight of the disease, from her son doubting his future to the reality of remission. I knew something was wrong. I could feel it in my gut, but what I had no idea. The doctor looked at us and […] Read More »

Michael Yocum Jr. cancer

Mom reflects on son’s cancer journey

Michael Yocum Jr. was diagnosed with childhood cancer at age 5. His mom, Spring, recounts the challenges, speed bumps and her son’s faith throughout his journey. He was very thrilled to be at the hospital because he thought it was a hotel. He was only 5 at the time so he had the beautiful innocence […] Read More »

treacher collins syndrome

What is Treacher Collins syndrome? Ask an 11-year-old

Victoria Dicken is no stranger to challenges. The 11-year-old girl from Louisville has Treacher Collins syndrome. “I’ve lost count of how many surgeries I’ve had,” Victoria said. “At least 20.” Treacher Collins syndrome is a rare genetic condition that affects the development of bones and other tissues in the face. Most people with the condition have underdeveloped […] Read More »

toe replaces thumb surgery

Doctor uses toe to replace teen’s thumb

It was September 2015 when a night with friends ended in an explosion that left Gabriel Rock without much of his left hand. “He lost his thumb, index finger and long finger; there was a big gaping hole in his palm,” said Amit Gupta, M.D., hand surgeon with Louisville Arm & Hand. Dr. Gupta remembers […] Read More »

vote for miracles

Vote for Miracles to help kids at Norton Children’s

To look at Aiden Johnson today, you would never know the difficult roads the thriving 13-year-old has traveled as a two-time survivor of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Lately, he’s been traveling a different type of road. Since 2016, Aiden serves as the Kentucky Children’s Miracle Network Champion Ambassador. During 2016 and 2017, he and his […] Read More »

type 1 diabetes test

A mom’s search for connection leads to Type 1 Diabetes Club

We are Kennon, Shawna, Olivia and Oliver Thomas. Oliver is our 8-year-old. He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2015 at age 6. We had lived in Southern Indiana for just over three months when Oliver was diagnosed, so we did not know anybody and feared what life was to become. We attended the […] Read More »

congenital heart campbell kremer

Congenital heart defects can’t slow down this boy

This article was originally featured in the spring 2013 issue of Cart Wheels magazine. When Missy Kremer was five months pregnant, she had a routine ultrasound to check her baby’s development. What she and her husband, Rob, were told stopped them cold. Their baby had a possible birth defect. “We cried and prayed a lot,” […] Read More »

Jalen Matthews

Growing up with sickle cell disease

Jalen Matthews is a 20-year-old junior at the University of Kentucky. She is a kinesiology major who aspires to a career in physical therapy. She’s active in her sorority and the student activity board. And, she has sickle cell disease. In the 1970s, the average life span for a person with sickle cell was 14 […] Read More »

Ni’Eshia Andrews

When babies need care before birth

With a baby on the way, Ni’Eshia Andrews and her family were overjoyed. The family planned to welcome a baby girl, joining her big brother in summer 2017. Everything was going as planned until they hit a bump in the road. During a 28-week fetal ultrasound, Andrews’ obstetrician discovered she had too much amniotic fluid […] Read More »