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Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital stories

outpatient surgery

Finding surgical care that’s right for your child

Choosing where to have your child’s surgery can be a daunting task. What kind of care is going to make your child and family feel safest, physically and emotionally? Technology advancements have made it possible for some procedures to be done at outpatient surgery centers. Costs can be lower at these types of locations. However, […] Read More »

NICU Felicia Gross

After NICU experience, mom becomes Norton employee

Felicia Gross didn’t set out to work for Norton Healthcare. She already had a career as a chef and was working hard to take care of her family. Little did she know that a life-or-death experience would change that path and provide an opportunity to help others during their toughest moments. When Gross was pregnant […] Read More »


Who cares for my child in the hospital?

If your child needs to be hospitalized, you’ll run into a whole staff of comforting faces. The hospitalist is one specialist you’ll meet and may not have heard of. In the same way that pediatricians focus their care on children and teens, hospitalists focus on the special needs of hospitalized patients. Your pediatrician or an […] Read More »

ear tubes

Time for ear tubes?

Your toddler is cranky and not her usual sweet self. She’s had her nap, so she can’t be tired. Suddenly she tugs at her ear and you think, “Oh, no, not another ear infection. Why is this happening again?” Ear infections are caused by bacteria or viruses entering the middle ear through the eustachian tube. […] Read More »