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star nixon louisville pediatric orthopedic surgeon

Meet Dr. Star Nixon, Norton Children’s newest pediatric orthopedic surgeon

Star L. Nixon, M.D., MPH, is the newest addition at Norton Children’s Orthopedics of Louisville. As a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, she is available to treat a wide variety of bone and joint conditions that affect children and teenagers. From a young age, Dr. Nixon knew she wanted to do something to help people. She had […] Read More »

TJ Branham cancer

The cancer journey from a sibling’s perspective

Living with cancer at any age is difficult, but experiencing cancer as a teen is especially difficult when you’re trying to be “normal.” T.J. Branham’s sister, Kayla, opens up about her teen brother’s diagnosis and his incredible strength throughout his cancer journey. I remember so clearly getting the call from him almost in tears saying […] Read More »

teen boy puberty

Boys to men: What to expect when boys go through puberty

Boys go through a lot of changes when they reach puberty. (You can thank testosterone!) Boy Talk: Boys to Men This free parent-son class led by a pediatric urologist is designed to start the discussion about physical and emotional changes associated with puberty. It also will cover the importance of sleep, good nutrition and exercise […] Read More »

puberty girls

Is my daughter going through puberty?

Every girl goes through puberty at her own pace, but it usually happens slowly over several years. It’s often hard to tell exactly when it begins or when to expect changes to happen. However, there are some outward signs you can watch for. Girl Talk: It’s a Girl Thing This parent-daughter class led by pediatric […] Read More »

girl talk gynecologist

When should your daughter start seeing a gynecologist?

You’ve been seeing the same gynecologist for years; you feel comfortable with her and trust her. Is she right for your 13-year-old daughter’s first gynecologic visit? Whether your daughter lets on or not, you can be sure she is nervous about her first visit. You may feel clueless about what’s going on with her. She […] Read More »

pod challenge

Teens putting selves, others at risk eating detergent in ‘pod challenge’

A new social media trend is causing alarm: Teens are scarfing down laundry detergent pods and posting videos and memes. The “pod challenge” usually involves a teen preparing to eat a pod, then sticking it in their mouth and reacting to it. The laundry detergent packets are shaken, stirred, even cooked. The challenge is designed to […] Read More »

vaccine norton children's

Time running out to satisfy new vaccine requirement

Many Kentucky kids will need additional vaccines before the 2018-2019 school year begins. Before the first day of classes, all students must have two doses of the hepatitis A vaccine. Although that may seem like plenty of time, parents should start scheduling appointments with their pediatricians now. “The two vaccines need to be given at […] Read More »


What puberty looks like

Puberty is a process that happens slowly over several years. It can be hard to tell when it’s beginning or when to expect changes. The outward signs are the easiest to recognize and provide a guide to where a girl is in the process. The age ranges in this graphic are average and every girl […] Read More »


When does puberty start?

Puberty is happening earlier in life for many boys and girls. Knowing what to expect during this milestone time in your child’s life can help you be prepared as a parent. When they have questions about their life changes, you’ll be ready to help. Girls typically go through puberty from 8 to 13 years old, […] Read More »

safe sitter

Safe Sitter class offered during winter break

The Marshall Women’s Health & Education Center is offering its popular Safe Sitter classes during the winter break. Adolescents ages 11 to 13 will learn how to handle emergencies when caring for younger children. The Safe Sitter class will be held at Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital on Wednesday, Dec. 27, and at Norton Hospital on Friday, Dec. 29, […] Read More »

toe replaces thumb surgery

Doctor uses toe to replace teen’s thumb

It was September 2015 when a night with friends ended in an explosion that left Gabriel Rock without much of his left hand. “He lost his thumb, index finger and long finger; there was a big gaping hole in his palm,” said Amit Gupta, M.D., hand surgeon with Louisville Arm & Hand. Dr. Gupta remembers […] Read More »

teen cooking

What does it take to get kids and teens to eat better?

Trying something new and liking it! What does it take to make that happen and to get kids to eat healthfully? Just last evening I made acorn squash soup, a seasonal treat that my kids have not had before. I tried involving them in scooping out the softened, baked flesh, but they were too busy […] Read More »