5 kid-tastic holiday party games

Keep the kids busy and your stress in check with these fun activities

Oh, the holidays. A time of year when adults celebrate and kids get easily bored. Even if the kids have presents to open, they quickly move on — sometimes to the detriment of the host’s house!

In the spirit of giving, we have collected five party games to help you keep the kids occupied. All of the games are easy to make and listed in way to make shopping for supplies simple.

Plastic Wrap Ball Game

I played this game last year and was surprised at how much fun it is. Start with one prize (the best prize) and start wrapping it with plastic wrap. As the ball gets bigger, add prizes into the layers. The ball can be as big as you want to make it.

To play: All players sit in a circle. The ball starts with the youngest player, who starts unwrapping it. The player unwrapping the ball keeps all of the prizes that fall out. The person to the immediate right of the player has two dice. That person rolls the dice until they hit doubles, then the ball and dice get transferred to the next two people to the right. The faster the ball is unwrapped, the more prizes the player gets. The game ends when the prize in the middle is unwrapped.


2 dice

5 rolls of plastic wrap

Prize ideas:



Lip balm


Sticky notes




Tissue packs

Anything from the dollar store


Draw the Best Snowman 

Who can draw the best snowman — on your head?

To play: Every child gets a paper plate and a marker. The paper plate is held on top of the child’s head. The child holds the plate with one hand and the marker with the other. Each child draws a snowman and scene with a marker based on the following instructions:

  • Draw a line for the ground/snow.
  • Draw a large snowball for the base of the snowman.img_4261_copyimg_4260_copy
  • Create a medium-size snowball on top of the first one.
  • Top the snowman with a small snowball for the head.
  • Now add two eyes and a mouth with dots of coal.
  • Add two stick arms.
  • Draw a top hat on the snowman’s head.

Feel free to add more features for older kids and adults like a carrot nose and a scarf.


Paper plates

Markers (washable are best)


Christmas Bingo

This one is always a crowd favorite!

To play: Use holiday-colored M&M’s as Bingo markers. The first person who gets Bingo first wins. Download a set of Bingo cards plus call cards here http://www.ourthriftyideas.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Christmas-BINGO.pdf



Paper (preferably cardstock but not necessary)

Large bag of holiday M&M’s

Basket for the call cards


Chocolate Kisses Memory Game

To play: Just like other memory games, match pairs of kisses. Before getting started, mark the bottoms of the kisses with two sets each of letters, numbers or both.

The first child to match all of the kisses wins. Start with a 4×4 grid for younger kids. The older the kids, the more kisses in the grid.




Bags of chocolate kisses or similar candy

Markers that will write on candy foils


Bobbing for Candy Canes

This one is sure to get the kids moving.

To play: Place a stack of candy canes in the middle of the table. Each child takes a candy cane and places the straight end in their mouth. The child use the hook end of the candy cane and to fish out candy canes from the pile and place them in their plastic cup. The child with the most candy canes after 1 minute wins.


Regular-size candy canes (not the miniature ones)

Plastic cups (one for each player)


Here’s to making your holiday parties a little less stressful and a lot more fun!



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