Hit a home run for better health when your family follows the 5-2-1-0 rule.


Fruits and vegetables provide vitamins and minerals, which are important to help you grow. The easiest way to make sure you are eating a healthy meal is to try to put a rainbow on your plate—include fruits and veggies that orange, green, purple, red, brown…as many colors as you can get! One serving of fruits or vegetables should fit in the palm of your hand.


Screen time includes television, computer games, video games and playing on a phone or tablet. Too much screen time can get in the way of exploring, playing and talking to friends. When you watch TV or play video games you don’t get to use any of your senses. Touching, tasting, smelling, talking, moving and interacting help you learn every day, and too much screen time prevents you from exploring, learning and having fun.


Exercise helps your body grow. But did you know it helps your brain grow too? The body and brain work together. Everyone in the family needs physical activity for a healthy heart, bones, muscles and brain. Running, jumping, skipping, hopping—any activity that results in a faster heartbeat, heavier breathing and some sweating are good for your body and brain. Make sure you get at least one hour of physical activity or exercise each day.


KohlsHigh5_ZeroSurgeryDrinksSoda and sugary juice drinks may taste good but they are not good for you. Soda has no nutritional value and is high in sugar. Many sodas and all energy drinks also contain caffeine, which kids don’t need. Energy drinks are not sports drinks and should never replace water during exercise. Juice can contain a lot of sugar too. If you choose to drink juice, find your age group below to decide how much you should have at most:


Healthy starts in the kitchen!

Join Norton Children’s Prevention & Wellness for a free cooking class series for children ages 10 to 16 and their parents or caregivers. Learn new recipes that are healthy, easy to make and kid-approved, including spiraled squash pasta, a quick and easy quesadilla and more!

Mondays, Oct. 9 · Oct. 16 · Oct. 23  |  6 to 7 p.m.
Norton Children’s Medical Associates – Shelbyville
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To register, call (502) 629-KIDS.


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