The fine print

The Festival of Trees & Lights reserves the right to refuse any object that violates the design standards established by the design committee. These standards will be given to you when you sign up for your item. They include the ideals of tasteful, family-oriented displays that do not mix or merge any religious or cultural imagery.

Designers should note that upon drop-off or date of decoration, trees, wreaths, other greenery, ornaments and all accompanying decorations, materials or gift items become the property of the Festival of Trees & Lights. Items are priced to sell at the highest value that can be obtained at this family-oriented fundraiser, which may not be the same value that could be obtained at a craft fair or private sale. Prices are subject to change over the course of the festival. Designers may suggest a retail value, but final price and pricing changes are determined solely by festival chairmen.

Designer guidelines

All ornaments for the Festival of Trees & Lights should be dropped off at Louisville Slugger Field on Tuesday, Nov. 7, or Wednesday, Nov. 8, between 8:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.



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